Cranial Sacral

cranialCranial sacral therapy is an osteopathic technique that involves monitoring the rhythms of the cerebrospinal fluid as it moves through the bony structure of the central nervous system and interfaces with the autonomic nervous system. There is a quarter cup of cerebrospinal fluid that is distilled by the choroids plexus in the 4th ventricle of the brain from lymphatic fluid..  This CSF bathes the brain , spinal cord and sacrum and acts as a watery conductor of electricity to the body systems to give signals that keep the body healthy and actively functioning. If there is disease or trauma, the endocrine and nervous systems of the body are unable to communicate signals properly.  The very light still touch of cranial sacral therapy provides a fulcrum around which the  brain’s system can reorganize and heal.  The therapist provides the fulcrum, the client’s “inner healer” provides the healing.