Lymphatic Drainage

The lymph system runs throughout our entire body. It is responsible for purifying our blood. Our blood is only as clean and healthy as our lymph system. The lymph runs parallel to the blood vessels and capillaries. It does not have a pump the way the blood system has the heart. The Lymph relies on our breath, exercise and stimulation to move and clean the blood. There are lymph nodes at various locations in the body near the major joints such as  knee, hip, shoulder, neck, groin. These nodes detoxify poisons and waste  from the blood. The lymph vessels run superficially near the skin. They are designed with one way valves that do not allow for back flow. The lymph vessels move the fluid slowly through the nodes and into our belly area. There are many deep lymph nodes in the belly. The lymph collects here and then is deposited into a cistern called “cisterna chyle”. Chyle means milky fluid or lymph. From the cisterna chyle the lymph travels up the thoracic duct into the left subclavian vein at the clavicle area. It then merges once again with the blood and moves into the heart to be recirculated. This lymph is blood plasma. It is blood with the red blood cells filtered out.  The kidneys filter out the red blood cells. So if you have blood in your urine, there is a problem with the filtering system.Lymphatic drainage therapy helps the body to detoxify. It is very important when some lymph nodes have been removed.. It is a manual therapy that involves a very light superficial touch to the extremities, head an neck of the body.  This massage encourages the lymph to move easily towards the belly. Massage of the deep lymph nodes is essential to unblock the knots and tangles of lymph, capillaries and nerve fibers that develop through disease, stress and a compromised digestive tract.It is important not to overload your digestive system with foods that require the lymph system to work harder than it is able. A diet filled with organic fruits and vegetables is optimal.