Polarity Therapy

polarity Polarity Therapy was founded by an osteopath named Randoph Stone.  His life was devoted to balancing the Body Mind system. He believed that the body is the building and the mind is the blueprint.  As Above So Below.  As we think, so our body becomes. His work includes massage therapy and energy work techniques as well as recommendations for a diet and lifestyle that fosters health and balance. A polarity therapy healing session feels like a combination of movement, massage, deep tissue and quiet energy work. It also works with the 5 elements of the body: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. It balance the 3 poles of all these elements. Dr. Stone talks about the triune function of the body: the positive, neutral and negative poles and occur in any electromagnetic system. When all the elements and poles are balanced, there is health. When there is too much energy or not enough, there is disease. It is all about balance and harmony.