Lao Tzu’s Lymph Nodes


The lymphatics are an elegantly designed intricate waterway system that flow quietly and steadily throughout the body. Their constant work is in cleansing and purifying the blood. They separate the pure from the impure. The most refined lymphatic fluid is distilled into cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain. Working with the lymphatic system involves slowing down, centering yourself and moving at the pace of your client’s lymphatic system.

The Taoist meditative techniques facilitate this matching process. During this course the student will learn how to be in congruence with the lymphatic system. This system does not have a pump to move its fluid through the body the way the circulatory system relies on the heart. It consists of one way valves that allow a slow flow through the body. The lymph vessels move through the lymph nodes that are located at strategic junctions through out the body. These nodes detoxify the lymph and send the toxins through semipermeable membranes out the various orifices of the body.

The skin is the body’s largest eliminative organ. Through sweat, urine, mucous and feces the body eliminates what it does not need. When the lymphatic system is overloaded with toxins and congested, it is unable to do its job. It uses our breath and movement to encourage lymph flow. When a person’s lymph is unable to move, stagnant pools develop that foster disease. It is essential to be able to intelligently converse with the lymphatic system through our touch and awareness. For the therapist to be effective she must be able to tune into this fluid environment and dance with it. First she must be able to slow down her own mind-body system with qi gong techniques that bring the light of awareness into her energy body. When she performs the manual techniques that encourage balanced, healthy lymph flow, she is moving with these tide pools and waterways. The lymph flows in its vessels through the head, neck and extremities into the Dan Tien, the belly area. In the belly are many deep lymph nodes that become entangled with nerve fibers, capillaries and our organs. These knots need to be loosened and unraveled so that once the lymph has arrived here from the extremities, it has space to move into the cistern that will collect it and move it up the thoracic duct into the subclavian vein . It then continues its journey as blood plasma mixed with red blood cells. So the rivers, streams and tributaries of lymph flow into the big reservoir in the belly. You will be taught how to breathe with this lymph, how to touch it and feel its rhythms and tides. It is a very slow meditative process. The Taoist techniques and qi gong exercises are a part of your technique. You simply transfer these breathing exercises to your work with your clients. In this stillness of the quiet waters liquid light begins to manifest and the body is in a state of fluid ease.